Multiple capital providers have been prequalified to participate in the Las Vegas C-PACE program. Simply scroll down to view the complete list.

Note that by establishing prequalification criteria and providing this list, the City of Las Vegas, the City’s Program Manager, the Las Vegas C-PACE program, and its Program Administrator are not recommending or endorsing a particular capital provider or warranting the reliability of any such capital provider.

Bayview PACE

Bayview PACE logo

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate LLC

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate LLC logo

Dividend Bank

Dividend Bank logo

Forbright Bank

Forbright Bank logo

GreenRock Healthcare Capital, LLC

GreenRock Healthcare Capital, LLC logo



Liberty Energy Partners

Liberty Energy Partners logo

Live Oak Bank

Live Oak Bank logo

LordCap Green

LordCap Green logo

North Bridge ESG

North Bridge ESG logo

Nuveen Green Capital

Nuveen Green Capital logo

PACE Equity Finance, LLC

PACE Equity Finance, LLC logo

PACE Loan Group

PACE Loan Group logo

Petros PACE Finance, LLC

Petros PACE Finance, LLC logo

Poppy Bank

Poppy Bank logo

Stonehill PACE

Stonehill PACE logo

Western Alliance Bank

Western Alliance Bank logo